- Toilet, tub/shower and shower doors    cleaned and disinfected
- Mirrors & windows cleaned and shined
- Sink and counters disinfected
- Disinfect and shine chrome fixtures
- Wipe down outside of cabinets 
- General dusting and cobwebs removed
- Grout and caulk cleaned
- Vents wiped and cleaned

- Floors and baseboards cleaned

​- Windows and sills cleaned and shined

- Empty waste baskets

Cleaning your home on a regular basis is a big—and time-consuming—job. Over time, dirt and dust can become ground into floors, counters, and other surfaces, affecting their look even after they've been cleaned. Having the surfaces in your home addressed regularly by a cleaning service will keep them looking like new for decades. Call today for a free quote and get your home the care it deserves!

- Disinfect sink and all counter tops and small appliances
- Clean the exterior of the  refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinets & drawers
- Clean the outside and top of range hood
- Disinfect outside and inside of microwave
- Clean table and chairs
- Floors vacuumed and mopped and Baseboards wiped down

- Windows and sills cleaned and shined
- General dusting and cobwebs removed

- Dishes per request
- Empty waste baskets


Living Areas  & Bedrooms:
- Tidy room appearance
- General dusting, high dusting and    remove cobwebs

- Wash and change beds per request
- Art work, ceiling fans & plants dusted
- Clean under & behind furniture

- Vacuum and mop  all floor surfaces  including stairs

- Mirrors and windows cleaned and  shined
- Baseboards wiped down
- Disinfect door knobs, hand rails and light switches

- Empty waste baskets

Residential Cleaning 
The upkeep of your home is essential to maintaining its aesthetics, safety, and value. Hiring a maid service offers a stress-free way to achieve a healthy and beautiful home. Vivid Cleaning  is fully bonded and insured, offering trustworthy and personalized housekeeping services, We will meet all of your residential cleaning needs, whether you require weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time service. Your service is tailored specifically to your space, priorities, budget, and schedule. Adhering to our strict standards of professionalism, our cleaning experts will provide detailed, thorough cleanings to your satisfaction.