Vacation Rentals

It can be tiring to prepare a home or apartment many times a week. And that’s where Vivid Cleaning comes in! We understand that your vacation rental is your business and appearance is essential to your success. We are experienced in vacation rental cleanings and can provide you with the highest quality service and efficiency. The details of each home are always different, we give you the ability to customize your cleaning service to suit your property’s needs.
Guests expect the best and put their entire vacation in your hands, don't let them down by booking them in a unit or house that has dusty base boards, streaky windows and dirty floors! 

-Tidy up the whole house

-Wash and fold all linens, towels, blankets & make beds

-Dust and polish all furniture

-Clean all windows and sliding glass doors
-Vacuum and mop all flooring
-Clean and put away dishes

-Wipe down the top & front of all counter tops and appliances & cabinets
-Microwave & fridge cleaned inside & out

-Sinks, tubs, showers & toilets cleaned & sanitized
-Empty all wastepaper baskets and take out the trash and recycling
-Light switches, door handles & surrounding areas are wiped down

-Check for personal items left behind and for anything missing or broken
-Outdoor areas checked for trash, patios swept and patio furniture wiped